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Restorative Medicine Clinic

Health - Naturally! 

Welcome to Restorative Medicine, a health consulting service dedicated to restoring your health naturally. Our clinical services are built on 20 + years of clinical skills, experience and personal evolution of Naturopathic Doctor, Angeli Chitale ND. 

Angeli completed her training at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM), graduating magna cum laude at a time when the roots of Naturopathic medicine were alive and thriving. 

Upon graduation, Angeli worked extensively in hormone and reproductive health with fertility management as her clinical focus. Angeli taught Cell Biology, Clinical Skills, Botanical Medicine and Nutrition at professional colleges all over North America and continues to be a celebrated instructor at the School of Nutrition at Pacific Rim College in Victoria BC. 

"Nobody is broken, and there is nothing to fix, there lies ahead only a journey to greater wholeness, which we all have access to. My passion for holistic healing has driven me from the very beginning to integrate current scientific research with the wisdom of traditional healing methods. This holistic approach has helped transform the health and lives of many. This is the journey to wholeness and I invite you to join" 

- Dr Angeli Chitale BSc ND

The team at Restorative Medicine Clinic know that in our changing world, navigating individual needs and having the freedom to make informed choices is the way to build a lifetime of health. Learn about food as medicine through our online Holistic Nutrition program or Book a one-on-one session with Angeli.  Questions? Get in touch !

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Flexible hours including evening and weekends. Connect from wherever you are!

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    234 Canadian dollars

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    188 Canadian dollars

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    124 Canadian dollars

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    62 Canadian dollars
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Food as Medicine

Learn how food can heal and make empowered eating choices.

Be inspired-Naturally!

Optimize your online certificate program with live group sessions led by one of our most loved instructors. Boost accountability, connect weekly and graduate with your certificate in four months.

I am so excited to share our online Nutrition Certificate Program with you. Offered by Pacific Rim College, learn the art and science of choosing the most nutrient rich healing foods, food history, food ecology, traditional diets and more!  If you are interested in food and nutrition, holistic health and prevention, this is the course for you!

A learning option with live group learning sessions with Dr Angeli - link below.  

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Health Videos

Watch on demand-class excerpts, webinars and stay empowered with tips on health and wellness. Knowledge is power! 

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